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Rajeev Chinta


Rajeev Chinta holds a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and a master’s degree in Cardio Thoracic Rehabilitation. He has completed his education from India in 2004. His interests are in the musculoskeletal system and he also pursued his education as a fellow in Sports Science. Having worked as a Physio for 19+ years, he has seen a wide variety of patients with different conditions in a hospital set up, community setup, and GP clinic setup as a physio practitioner.  

In the UK, he has worked in the NHS at different health care sectors, worked at St Helier Hospital in the Orthopaedic and Neurology departments. He has extensive experience working in the community Hoddesdon and Herts essex community hospitals. And in the GP surgery, he worked as a practitioner at Hertfordshire GP surgeries. He currently works at First Contact as a physiotherapist for musculoskeletal injuries to assess, diagnose, offer treatment plans, and send appropriate referrals as needed.

Rajeev has a niche skill set in treating different spinal injuries, musculoskeletal injuries and has provided good management plans for different spinal, shoulder and hip conditions. For over 14+ years he treated post operative fracture conditions working alongside the orthopaedic consultants and managed patient rehabilitation and pain management. He has developed competency in treating patients with meniscal and other knee ligament injuries & ankle ligament injury, and other sports injuries.

Rajeev has been trained in assessing diagnosing different musculoskeletal injuries, and keeps up to date with the present new evidence based treatment plans.

His hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, and playing volleyball and cricket.

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